Tuesday, October 17, 2006

O God, you are my God-- for you I long! For you my body yearns;
for you my soul thirsts, like a land parched, lifeless, and without water.
Psalm 63:2

God is not found in intellect & reason - nor in books will you find that for which you pine.
For what you long, gaze deep within.
When your true self is found, there will God be.
Sr. Nicole Trahan, nFMI

Living water flows forth from God - coming to quench the desert soul.
Open the gates, O heart!
Let the water flood your spirit -
refreshing - life giving - sustaining.
Sr. Nicole Trahan, nFMI

If there's still anyone out there who checks my blogs weekly, I apologize for this later than typical post. My weekend was rather full... and Monday was a "day of rest" for me. So... all I can say is, "better late than never?" *smile*

Last week, on Thursday to be exact, I took the advice of both Sr. Gretchen and my spiritual director. I went in search of my "right brain" creativity. There is a small town about 45 minutes away named Boerne (pronounced as a German word - "Burn-ey"). This town is what I call cute. It has antique shops that line Main Street - a nature center with walking trails - restaurants with porches to overlook the small river or grassy areas - and a beautiful Catholic Church.

I spent about 3 1/2 hours in Boerne last Thursday. I sat in the church for a long while... listening to the flow of the baptismal font and watching the trees outside. The weather wasn't nice enough that morning to venture outside. But... I was content. And as I sat... I let my mind wonder... and my guard down... and ended up writing a few thoughts. I suppose some would call it poetry. For me, it's just insights gained while sitting in the church. Actually, two of them came to me while in the car on my way there. Amazing what happens when you drive without a radio!

Then, after having lunch outside and meditating in the church (and a 15 or 20 minute nap in there somewhere), I went for coffee and desert at a restaurant where I could sit outside. I was there for probably about 45 minutes... writing a little more... sipping coffee very relaxed... and enjoying some of the best peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream I've had in a while.

So, why do I tell you this?

Thursday was a fairly significant day for me. Not only did I re-discover a creative energy that I had neglected, but that creative energy connected me with God in a deeper way. And that is a grace for which I am grateful.
So, the consensus is that I should take a day like this a month... or more if necessary. That's great... but perhaps I should stay away from the cobbler and ice cream in the future... *smile*

With prayers & blessings for you all!
Sr. Nicole