Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nicole, celebrate the ordinary! God works through the ordinary, too...
Sr. Julie Hickey, OSU

With each session I am more and more convinced that my spiritual director, Sr. Julie, is a genius. Or, at least she shares excellent insights with me.

Lately, as in the past several weeks, I've been rather perplexed. Before beginning my first year of novitiate people would say things like, "This will be one of your best years." or "This year will be such a gift." Granted, these statements have proven to be true. However, I think, being who I am, statements such as these had caused me to invent expectations. Expectations that really weren't that realistic.

So far my first 4 months of novitiate have been grace-filled months. I've learned a great deal and grown in my understanding of God, myself and how our relationship "works," so to speak. However, there haven't been any angelic visions, huge spiritual awakenings, or booming voices directing me... Okay, perhaps that was a little over the top, but it's my way of making a point.

God is working in the ordinariness of my life.

I suppose most might say that my life isn't really "ordinary" at this point. Ah... but it is. I have a schedule... I work out... I pray... I read... I enjoy people's company... I talk to my family regularly... I have supportive friends who I see every once in a while... That's what I call fairly ordinary.

And God's been right there in the middle of everything the whole time.

So, while I've been waiting for "something big," or expecting some huge awakening, I've been missing the opportunity to "celebrate the ordinary." *Sigh* Will I ever learn?... *Smile*

In two days I head up north. I'll be gone until December 23. And you can bet that the whole time I'm gone I'll be celebrating the ordinariness of life... (and perhaps with a little snow... which is a big deal for this Texas girl...)

Many blessings to you all!
Sr. Nicole