Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hosanna to the Son of David!
Last words of Ven. Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon
Foundress of the Marianist Sisters

Blessed Palm Sunday to you!

As we enter into Holy Week - my favorite part of the Liturgical Year - I am struck by the beauty of the Paschal Mystery. It's completely incomprehensible, and yet integral to who we are and who we are called to be. The call - to die to self and to obstacles in our path - so that we (and others) might have life - and have it abundantly. Paradox of paradoxes!

As you may recall, last weekend I attended the LA Religious Ed Congress. The theme of the event was "Incredible Abundance." The prayer services, liturgies, and sessions called us to recognize the abundance of God's grace - God's mercy - God's love. What a wonderful way, great thought with which to close Lent and enter deeply the mystery of the coming week. It reminds me of a song that we used to sing on retreats in college ... "Your love is extravagant. Your friendship is intimate."

This morning at the 10am Mass, we sang "Unless A Grain of Wheat"... I used that Scripture verse and song as the theme of the prayer service marking my entrance into the Marianist Sisters. I remember some thought it was a grim song to use. On the contrary! It's the call of the Christian life. That's what I say, anyway.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to our provincial requesting renewal of vows. Funny, but this idea of dying in order to bear fruit came to me again as I wrote the letter. I didn't quote it, but I was singing the song in my mind as I typed. Then to hear it again this morning was quite fitting. It's a constant in my life... the Paschal Mystery, that is.

Those are my random reflections for today. I hope that each of you has a blessed week as we celebrate the passion, death, and resurrection of the Lover of our hearts.

Sr. N


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Happy Easter!!!!! How have you been??? Sounds like you've been pretty busy. you'll have to check out what i've been up to. :)

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