Friday, August 06, 2010

Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep,
but becoming fully awake they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.
As they were about to part from him, Peter said to Jesus,
"Master, it is good that we are here. Let us make three tents..."
Luke 9:32-33a

Happy Feast of the Transfiguration!

Ah, Peter. Do you sometimes think that when you read Scripture or hear a story about Peter proclaimed at Church... Oh, Peter... Today is one of those days for me. But, in the same breath I also see that Peter and I have A LOT in common!

This summer I had the great blessing of having many experiences like that Peter, James and John at the Transfiguration... having a sense of closeness with God, coming to know Jesus more deeply, and of waking up to seeing reality in a different light. And I too often said, "Oh, it would be great just to stay here..." wherever "here" happened to be...

That is not the call, though. Today's feast is a great reminder of that. It's a reminder, for me that life is full of "mountain top experiences"... and that's not a bad thing! But life is more than that... and God is part of all of it. It's all part of our process of growing into the image of God we are created to be.

So, as the summer draws to its close (for me anyway) I am reminded on this feast to be thankful for the transfiguration experiences of the past few months... and let those feed me when the valley moments come (because they will...). That's life. And what a graced life it is.

Many blessings to all who read this!
Sr. N


Loukas said...

An insightful article on the feast of Transfiguration focused on the transformation of the whole creation and our responsibility as the leaven of it. Worth giving it a look:

Jessica Okon said...

Very well said.